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Holmes Entertainment


A variety of Sherlock Holmes entertainment grouped into one collection set.

The powerful feminine influence of Irene Adler

all three items prove the character's power and importance

Different adaptations of Sherlock Holmes


All three of these items portray a different interpretation of Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes Place


Holmes house interior and exterioe

Watson in Art: Just Watson-y Things


A collection of Watson related items.

Older Adaptions of Sherlock Holmes


All items related to Sherlock Holmes from adaptions before the 21st century

"The man that never lived and will never die"

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.11.06 AM.png

Items relating to the fame of Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Culture

The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes


These items show a different representation of what a legacy the Holmes' stories have left on the world.

Holmes and Music

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This is a collection involving the role of music throughout the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Sherlock Holmes and Cocaine


Holme's use of cocaine to "stimulate" his brain