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Sidney Paget Illustrations


Illustrations from the original Holmes stories by Sidney Paget

Contributors: Ashley

Holmes and Watson's weapons of choice.

cane sword.jpg

Sherlock Holmes Adaptations (video)

Video adaptations of Sherlock Holmes

Contributors: Annie Swafford

Sherlock Holmes Games


Contributors: Ashley Rivera

Places Mentioned in Sherlock Holmes: What They Look Like Today

Modern Day Pictures of Locations in Sherlock Holmes Stories

Contributors: Owen Whitley

Sherlock Holmes Adaptations (photo)


Photos and images from Sherlock Holmes adaptations.

Contributors: Christine Wohltjen

Sherlock Holmes Museum Exhibits

Uncover the history of Holmes at many unique destinations around the globe!

Contributors: Kristen Warfield, Zach Pollock

Sherlock Holmes Websites

Blogs and websites pertaining to Sherlock Holmes.

Contributors: Christine Wohltjen

Walter Paget Illustrations


Original Sherlock Holmes llustrations by Walter Paget

Sherlock Holmes Articles