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19th Century Sherlock Holmes Weapons

Sherlock Holmes Comic Book Covers


Photos of Sherlock Holmes stories that have appeared on the covers of comic books

Evolution of Costumes for Sherlock Holmes


A series of photos displaying variations of costumes for Sherlock Holmes, which appear in each adaptation of the stories.

Dr. John Watson's Mustache


This is a collection that studies portrayals of Watson's facial hair. It looks at the original illustration, 1939 movie adaptation, and BBC adaptation. Each adaptation focuses on either the Victorian period, or modern day.

Comic books from MARVEL

Comic books collection added to MARVEL unlimited online platform between 2011 and 2012.

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Sherlock Holmes Adaptations

These are various Various Sherlock Holmes adaptations.

Irene Adler Through the Ages

This is an exhibit of Irene Adler images.

The Modernization of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock_Holmes_Portrait_Paget (1).jpg

This is an Exhibit of past and present portraits of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlockian Poetry

This is an exhibit of Sherlock Holmes inspired Poetry created by various authors. It is interesting to learn that Sherlock Holmes has inspired writers, as well as poets, to interpret stories and create their own literature based on the original stories.

One of these poems, "Back to a Native Strand," tells a story of Sherlock Holmes directly. It is similar to the original stories and adaptations. The difference is that it is a poem. This may apeal to a new audience. Some readers prefer poems rather than stories. The different genres of Sherlock Holmes will spread the fan base and interest a larger audience. 

Another poem in this exhibit, "An Evening with Holmes," takes a spin on the stories and adaptations in not only a poetic way. The author cescribes his evening with Holmes and Watson without giving away the position in which he plays in the poem. He ends up revealing that he, personally, spent an evening with the detective and his best mate. 

The third poem included in this exhibit, "In Memorian Moriarty," is a poem that includes the use of many descriptive words and language. Like the "Bakc to Native Strand," poem, this poem also tells a story of Sherlock Holmes and his detective work. The author of this poem uses a great deal of figurative language in his poem that accuratley describes the feel of Victorian London. The language choice sounds like it is written during the era of Victorian London. The date is not included in the website where the poem is found, so to know if the poem was written more recently, I searched for a published date. I found that the poem was written in 1991, so the poet did include a theme of Victorian London in order to provide the reader with a Sherlockian tone.

This exhibit was created to share the literature that was inspired by Sherlock Holmes stories. There is a large fan base that comes with Sherlock Holmes, and artists create many different form sof literature and visual art to show their devotion to their Sherlock Holmes interests. 

Sherlock Holmes associated Items new


Sherlock Holmes asociated items of all forms.