Feminine power of Irene Adler explored

Picture of Olga Edwardes; the actress who played Irene Adler in the episode "scandal in Bohemia," part of the 1951 tv mini-series of Sherlock Holmes.

Olga Edwardes as Irene Adler in 1951

This photograpgh from 1951, is one of the earliest portrayals of Olga Edwardes, as Irene Adler, is one of the earliest interpretations of the charachter seen in cinema. This still image of Edwardes was taken from the BBC miniseries; "Sherlock Holmes." The one season show premiered in 1954 and lasted until 1955. The picture attached shows Adler as classic and femine. A more reserved approach to Adler's charachter, especially in comparison to future actresses' depiction of the charachter. however we do see a serious look and dark tone from the charachter as based on the image here with the serious facial expression, promoting an intelligent look and the all-black power outfit.

"Irene Adler video clip- BBC"

"The woman that beat you" clip, from 2010 episode of "Scandal in Belgravia" from 2010 "Sherlock" by the BBC.

For example, a stark difference in charachter portrayal is blatant in this clip from the 2010 episode of "Scandal in Belgravia," from the BBC series "Sherlock." Laura Pulver is portraying Adler as a homosexual domanatrix. Bringing a few extra elements to the story/ charachter, Adler here is a trickster and thereis nothing pure or genuine about her. it strays from the original story by Conan Doyle by adding that Adler is a prostitute and a homosexual. however, in earlier versions Adler was paving a way for female charachters, by being the powerful one that wins in the end and defests a genuis detective. this holds true in this rendition with this actress, but with added more modern twists, some controvertial. The purpose of Adler's charachter stays just as strong, but has become re-vamped throught the years.

Steven Moffat and the lost scene between Sherlock and Adler

This article is about the writer of the BBC's episode of "Sherlock;" "Scandal in Belgravia," being so intrigued by the relationship that the wrote an extra, secret scene between them 5 years later.

the writer of the epidode "Scandal in Belgravia" for the BBC's 2010 "Sherlock," (Steven Moffatt) was in fact so intrigued with adler as a powerful woman, one of the few in the sherlock holmes stories that actually sticks out, and makes herself stick out my making a huge impact in the story.Sherlock both in the episode and in the original stories posessed a version of love for Adler because this was the only woman who had made a mark on Sherlock's life and mind, the only one able to out-wit him. Moffat was so invested personally and intrigued by the relationshiip between Adler and Sherlock that very recently, 5 years after the release of the episode, he decided to write a new scene involving the two of them.It has to do with Sherlock finding Adler after she had been murdered.

Feminine power of Irene Adler explored