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Digital Paintings of Sherlock Holmes


This exhibit is of three digital portraits of three different portayals of Sherlock Holmes.

Optical Technologies During the 19th Century


This is an exhibit of the optical technologies likely used by Holmes in the 19th Century.

Sherlock Holmes associated Items new

Sherlock Holmes asociated items of all forms.

Sherlock Costume Comparasions


This is a collection of images comparing the different costume selections for each mordern and popular Sherlock adaptations.

Sidney Paget: The Illustrator


This is an exhibit of Sidney Paget's illustrations and memorabilia.

Modern Perspectives On and Obsessions with Sherlock Holmes

This is an exhibit of items concerning the topic of Sherlock Holmes in the modern day.

Different adaptations of Sherlock Holmes

This is the different depictions of SHerlock Holmes through the years while portraying some of his well known charatceristics.

Irene Adler; The power of female influence


this is an exhibit on the powerful female force brought to the Serlock holmes movies and shows

Holmes And His Many Hats: Analyzing Adaptations

Sherlock vs. Sherlock  A Study in Holmes   Word and Film.png

A look at the many adpatations of Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Watson. 

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Sherlock Holmes Posters

In this exhibit it shows what appears to be posters as well as a snippit of the old tv show of Sherlock Holmes.