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The place where Holmes met Watson in 1881, as it appeared in 2012.

Ranking of the greatest portrayals of Sherlock Holmes in television from the 1920s to modern day.

This is the attire that Sherlock Holmes wears in the hit BBC adaption of Sherlock Holmes starring Benedict Cumber batch and Martin Freeman

The author depicts a crime-fighting side of Sherlock in this poem.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes playing his violin. This scene is from the BBC "Sherlock" series. The artist entitled this piece "Virtuoso."

This painting shows Sherlock Holmes's love for the violin. It also shows how this Sherlock is portrayed as clean and polished and sexy.

Holmes believes the use of cocaine stimulates his brain when it is not in use.

This is an interesting article about why we continue to resurrect the character of Sherlock Holmes.

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Discussing the role of music throughout the Sherlock Holmes stories and how it comes to life through cinema.

This antique magnifying glass, made with a brass finish, was likely used by Sherlock Holmes. This microscope is known as the Powell & Lealand No. 1.
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